Affiliate Disclosure

The Tech Sale Finder website searches our affiliates and affiliate websites to provide a best in class experience for you, the shopper.  We find the best prices and you get the savings.  The price is the same as if you went there directly yourself.  We do make some money by pointing you in the right direction, but it costs you nothing more to save using our deal search service.  Once you find a product that you wish to buy, we will direct you to the website that sells it.  It just can't get any simpler!  Some of the larger websites that we search include Ebay and Amazon, among others.  We also have direct affiliations and third party affiliations with several large companies including Verizon, JC Whitney, Crucial, Trend Micro, Tom Tom,,, Logitech, Nuance, Groupon etc.  We work hard to save you money!  Enjoy the time you save and the savings you get!