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Poseidon GTX 780 with GeForce GTX 780 GPUs and exclusive Direct CU H2O hybrid thermal solution delivers 140%-cooler, 3X-quieter and 12% faster gaming performance. Direct CU H2O technology employs a combined air and water channel to provide complete flexibility for the user. A custom vapor chamber is in direct contact with the cards' GPUs for faster heat dispersal, while copper heat-pipes and extended cooling fins further transfer heat out and away from the cards to keep them running cool. With water cooling, ROG Poseidon graphics cards achieve up to 24 DegreeC-lower running temperatures than reference design. In addition, with standard G1/4-inch threaded fittings, ROG Poseidon GTX 780 easily accommodate existing cooling equipment - so users can get going with water cooling right away. For enhanced overclocked headroom and gaming experience, ROG Poseidon GTX 780 is loaded with DIGI+ VRM, 10-phase Super Alloy Power and Japan-made black metallic capacitors. The bundled ROG Edition GPU Tweak utility provides real-time intuitive graphics tuning and easier overclocking. A simple online-streaming function lets users share gameplay live - so people can watch as you play. ASUS POSEIDON-GTX780-P-3GD5 provides fantastic gaming experience.

1006MHz Boost Clock

140% cooler and 3X quieter performance with ASUS exclusive Direct CU H2O thermal solution              

DIGI+ VRM with 10-phase Super Alloy Power: deliver 30%

Cleaner power noise and 2.5X greater durability

Japan-made black metallic capacitors: 20% better temperature endurance and 5X longer lifetime usage

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  • ASUS ROG POSEIDON-GTX780-P-3GD5 Graphics Card
  • Brand: ASUS
  • Product Code: POSEIDON-GTX780-P-3GD5
  • Availability: 719
  • $489.99